Dog walking & boarding

Providing pups in the Bellingham area with hikes, boarding and more!

If you have previously purchased a Muddy Paws NW Aussiedoodle that you are seeking one or more of the following services for, there is a discounted price. Contact me for more info!


With the help of a fellow dog enthusiast, I’ve been taking groups of pups on hikes full-time since I was old enough to drive a car and have loved every minute of it! My pups and I pick up dogs and go hikes everyday rain or shine. I offer all of the services below, but availability may be limited during the few months that Juniper has her puppies around as they are my first priority. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you’re interested in the services that I offer and I will get back to you ASAP.

Contact me with any questions regarding my services - I look forward to meeting you and your pup(s)!

What I provide:

  • HIKES - $20 two hour group hikes on desolate trails in the Bellingham area 9am-11am & 1pm-3pm. These hikes can be on or off-leash depending on your preference.

  • I also offer solo hikes for dogs that can’t be around other pups - $25

  • DOGGY DAYCARE - $35 all day doggy daycare 8am-5pm includes 2-4 hikes and playtime with other pups

  • BOARDING AND PET SITTING - Both are $25 per day. At home pet-sitting may have an additional fee if you live outside of the Bellingham city limits. Both boarding and pet-sitting include hikes if desired! Boarding and pet-sitting time slots are limited due to breeding, contact me to regard schedules. Pet sitting can include cats and farm animals as well!

  • DROP IN VISITS - $15 for 30min drop in visit which can include either (or all) of the following: checking up on your pup at home, feeding, administrating medication if needed, letting out to go potty or a quick walk around the neighborhood.

  • SHUTTLE SERVICES - Taking your pup from point A to point B, whether thats to the vets, the groomers, and back home or wherever! The shuttle service fee depends on how far your pup needs to be taken.

  • All of the above include drop off & pick up. There is a $5 additional fee if you live outside of Bellingham’s city limits and choose to have your dog picked up/dropped off by me.

Looking for a service that I didn’t list? Contact me with questions under the “Contact” tab!

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