Once you fill out the application form, you will be emailed and asked to confirm your spot on the wait list by replying to my email with your consent. When your spot is confirmed, you will be emailed weekly links to the ‘Pupdate’ videos of the puppies where I will be giving updates on all of the puppies personalities, markings, and other developments. I will let you know which number you are on the wait list as well as when it is your turn to pick your pup. All info and instructions will be emailed to you weekly! :)

The puppies will be open to meet and greets from 5 weeks old and beyond as they are much more independent and playing outside by this stage! They will not be open to meet and greets before then as the puppies immune systems will be weak, and the momma gets nervous with new people around the puppies while they are still very dependent on her.

application form

Fill out the form below to get on the Aussiedoodle puppy waiting list

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Payment process

  • Black & White puppies are $1,500 each - Merle puppies are $1,800 each

  • A half down deposit is due when pick your puppy out

  • The remaining half is due when you come pick up your puppy at 8 weeks old